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March 4, 2013
Seven Questions to Ask Colleges
Tom Nicholas

As spring rolls around, the college search process progresses toward campus visits for many high school sophomores and juniors, even as it progresses into its final stages for seniors, who will soon be considering where to enroll. There are lots of potential questions to ask of colleges when visiting campuses and narrowing down your list. I’ve been asked thousands of different questions by prospective students and parents throughout my time in admission, and I thought this would be an appropriate time of year to share some of the most perceptive ones I’ve heard. Here are seven questions to consider asking of colleges – questions that get past some typical misconceptions and reveal a little more about what a college has to offer.

April 13, 2012
16 Reasons to Join Richmond's Class of '16
Tom Nicholas

In each of the past few years, I've come up with a list of reasons admitted students should choose Richmond, with the length of the list equivalent to the last two digits of the class year. Three years ago, people raised their eyebrows at my notion of carrying on the practice annually; "Won't that get repetitive?" they asked. "And won't it just get longer and longer?"

April 20, 2011
15 Reasons to Join Richmond's Class of '15
Tom Nicholas

We have twelve days to go until the national enrollment deadline of May 1. Many students have already made their college selection, but an equal or greater number are still weighing the final pieces. If Richmond is one of your top choices, here are 15 reasons you should consider joining our Class of 2015:

April 1, 2010
14 Reasons to Join Richmond's Class of '14
Tom Nicholas

Enrollment confirmations have just started to arrive! As we build the Class of 2014, here are 14 reasons you should choose Richmond:

Tom NicholasTom Nicholas
Senior Assistant Director of Admission 

A Richmond alumnus (Class of 2007), Tom has been working and blogging for the Office of Admission since he graduated. He loves his alma mater and the city that shares its name.

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Beth Anne SpachtBeth Anne Spacht
Assistant Director of Admission

Beth Anne was a double major at Richmond (English and Latin American & Iberian Studies) and now enjoys helping prospective students discover the best of her alma mater.

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