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What Does Spider Spirit Mean to You?

By Beth Anne Spacht

March 30, 2015

Congratulations and a warm welcome to the future Class of 2019!

Now that admission decisions are released, the big choice of where to attend college is looming in the near distance. To help you get a feel for why our students love Richmond, we thought it would be fun to ask our Spider Diarists about their favorite aspects of campus life.

Here’s what they have to say:

Joe, Class of 2018


The Gottwald Center for the Sciences is not a place I’ve been required to go. In fact, chances are I will only ever take one class in this building. However, it’s a place I’ve always been drawn to. Not simply because it can be a quiet place to study, but because it offers so much more: comfy chairs, beautiful architecture, and an overall delightful ambiance. Soft echoes reverberate throughout the floors and then dissipate, giving a sense of tranquil grandeur. To me, Gottwald represents the contemplative and meditative side of our Spider Spirit. I’ve discovered that most of my peers enjoy taking time to step back from a busy routine and reflect on their lives. Granted, students at UR are often hard at work in the classrooms throughout the day. But for those off hours or weekend afternoons when the commotion subsides, there is rarely another place on campus I’d prefer to go to sit and think.

David, Class of 2018


Spider spirit in action: the basketball team stormed the student section to celebrate an exceptional 76-70 OT win against Arizona State in the NIT Tournament. And, yes, that's me circled in the red!

Richmond is the only school in NCAA athletics with the audacity to call itself the Spiders. And, if you think that’s audacious, consider the boldness associated with putting that distinct red Spider at midcourt of the Robins Center and in centerfield at Pitt Field. How about bringing in a live tarantula, “Tarrant,” as a special guest to basketball games. You see, us Spiders are ones for embracing our singularity and turning it into something special. Spider spirit is about community and rallying around that unique logo. It’s about thousands of fellow eight legged friends all standing shoulder to shoulder in the Robins Center as we deafeningly cheer on our Spider student-athletes. It’s about the Spider basketball team storming the stands to celebrate a hard fought NIT Tournament win with fellow classmates.  Spider spirit is about community; it’s about excellence; it’s about being united as One Richmond.

Ha An, Class of 2016


To me, UR means opportunities. This photo was taken by my research professor during the summer of my freshman year. Every member of my lab was funded by UR to do summer research here on campus. In 2014, I was one of more than 300 students receiving over $1 million in UR Summer Fellowships funding to pursue their passions. This summer marks my 3rd summer fellowship to do research at the Wu lab. During my years at UR so far, I have been able to raise funds to do summer research, travel to and attend conferences, and form a League of Legends club. Whenever I’ve had a passion to do something, UR has always been there to help me get to where I want to go.

Maren, Class of 2018

Secret Garden

One of my favorite things about the University of Richmond is that every day is a new adventure. Back when I first started at UR, I was walking home from a class and decided to take a short cut back to my dorm. Turns out, it wasn't a short cut at all, and I actually got pretty lost. I started randomly wandering around when suddenly I found this beautiful gated door that led right to a small, secluded courtyard. To this day most people I mention it to have never heard of it. I later discovered it has a name: the Keller Hall Secret Garden. I love my friends and the hustle and bustle of campus, but the garden has become my go to place whenever I need a quiet spot to hang out. I guess you never really know what you can find until you get lost on the UR campus!

Thamine, Class of 2017


To me, UR spirit means creating your own colorful land of social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual growth.

Read more about Spider Spirit at spiderdiaries.richmond.edu!

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